Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Too bad

How wonderful it is to experience love. *sigh*But sometimes over the progression of a number of days, things can detiriorate. Which is one of the unfortunate facts of life. It can be even the simplest of things that terminates the relationship prematurely, but it is not the fault of the one who made the "simple mistake". If one looks at it from a certain perspective, one could see that it would be the fault of the person who decided to break it off because of that "simple mistake".

A friend once told me it is best to remain detached. Do not get too emotionally involved with the other person unless it's a completely sure thing. It probably is best to remain detached, though only with certain individuals. It saves from the hurt of breaking it off, and it saves time from having to deal with many other complications related to ending it.

One thing many talk about is both parties participating in the relationship. The individual needs to realize that he/she will not have a working relationship if they do not put in the same amount of energy and work that the other individual puts into trying to make the relationship last.

Today's Lesson: Become friends with someone first, then you can think about hooking up with them...